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Hi Daryl,

You folks saved our bacon during the recent winter storm here in San Antonio…. While City electricity and water were failing, the great folks at Grey Forest Utilities kept the natural gas flowing and my Generac generator was working like a champ.
Your installation was worth every cent, and we had no problems with breakers.  Every time the current would fail, the generator would kick in and provide us with lights, heat and all the appliances we needed to stay comfortable.
Note:  Special thanks to Brandon, when he came out in January to inspect and tighten all the connections in our breaker boxes.  The random problems we had with breakers tripping during power surges, were most certainly caused by CPS Energy…. We experienced no problems during the dozens of power outage/reset attempts.
With regards to Google.  Google requires my e-mail or phone to set up account.  It is against my principles and convictions to give Google the time of day (and that includes anything Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, or social media.)…. Marian does not have a Google account either.  We don’t even use Google search engine (prefer DuckDuckGo) or Google maps.
You can feel free to copy and paste any of my comments above, and use me as a satisfied customer/reference.
My neighbors all suffered through this event, needlessly.  They all had natural gas for their furnaces, but no electrical power for the blower motor.  Only one, down the street had a camping, gasoline generator to provide heat.  I will be recommending you to all my neighbors.
With regards to maintenance;
My generator, at one point, ran for about 36 hours straight.  I’ve checked my oil and it is halfway between full and refill;
What oil is required to service the engine?
I was somewhat concerned when CPS was trying to restore the grid, but kept stalling out after 1 to 3 minutes.  Once the all-electric apartments were cold soaked, their electric hot water tanks must have been dropping 4-5 kW each (times 10,000).  CPS repeatedly kept trying in my area which cause the power to return, then my generator would shut down after 20 seconds, only for the power to fail and have to restart.  After several of these iterations, I put the generator in manual mode to avoid the restarts, but I realize now that the generator only provides electricity when CPS fails — So, I returned it to Auto mode.
The Generac did everything I expected of it.  We didn’t run any high wattage items, as I didn’t want to push any heavy loads, but we were able to live normally with TV, internet, lights, heat, coffee maker and the microwave.  We were able to put up a friend’s wife, 3 month old baby and her grandmother… Plus, we saved their cold and frozen food at our house.  Baby had her warm bottle on schedule.
Thanks again,