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Service Panel Box Upgrade San Antonio

Replace Or Upgrade Your Existing San Antonio Panels To Ensure They Are Safe.Panel Upgrade, Circuit Breaker Panel, Breaker Boxes Upgrade, Service Panel Upgrade.

All residential and commercial electrical panel installations and replacements are completed according to local, state, and national codes and guidelines. Electrical panel installation and replacement can include the panel, surge protection, main grounding system, GFCI protection, and arc fault protection.

Electric Service Panels are the main electrical panel of your home or business. Electrical panels are sometimes called breaker boxes, fuse panels, or service panels. They have only two very important functions:

  1. They act as a single point of entry for the residential or commercial property.
  2. They function as a ‘breaking’ point or safety mechanism, shutting down if the controls or circuits are overloaded.

Why Would You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade in your San Antonio home or business?

There are a number of reasons why a service panel upgrade is necessary. An upgrade of the electrical service can expand capabilities, satisfy building codes, and increase your homes efficiency. The most common reason for a main panel upgrades to add circuits.

If your panel is manufactured by one of the following companies it may need to be replaced immediately,

• Federal Pacific (FPE)

• Zinsco

Outdated and Unsafe Electrical Panels

If you own an older home (built before 1990), you might have one of these outdated main electric panels/boxes in your home.

Federal Pacific Electric was one of the most popular manufacturers of electrical panels (1950s-1980s) in the United States. And they were installed in millions of homes. But these panels are extremely unsafe.

Why they’re unsafe: FPE electric panels’ circuit breakers fail to trip when they should (when there’s a short circuit or circuit overload). This problem has lead to thousands of fires across the United States.,

How to tell if you have one: FPE panels are most common in homes built between 1950 and 1980. Federal Pacific Electric will likely be written on the cover of your breaker box. Inside, look for the name Stab-Loc (the brand name of the circuit breakers).

“ Federal Pacific Stab-Lok model panels are known to have a high rate of failure of circuit breakers. Failure of circuit breakers can result in a fire and/or electrocution. I strongly recommend the Federal Pacific “Stab-Lok” main electric panel be replaced by a qualified electrical contractor.”

Another narrative from Inspectopedia:
“*** Safety Warning*** I have observed a Federal Pacific Electric “Stab-Lok” service panel in the house. This panel is a latent fire hazard: it’s circuit breakers may fail to trip in response to an overcurrent or a short circuit. Failure of a circuit breaker to trip can result in a fire, property damage, or personal injury. A circuit breaker that may not trip does not afford the protection that is intended and required. Simply replacing the circuit breakers is not a reliable repair. The panel should be replaced, and significant expense may be involved. “

Breaker Box Upgrade San Antonio

Zinsco Panels

Zinsco or GTE-Sylvania panels were popular electrical panels installed in homes throughout the 1970s. Zinsco is now defunct, but many homes still have these panels.

Why they’re unsafe: The circuit breakers inside many Zinsco panels melt to the main ‘bus bar’. This means the breaker can’t ever trip, even when there’s a short or overloaded circuit. So if there ever is a short or other problems, the surge of power melts wires and starts fires in your home.

How to tell if you have one: The name Zinsco anywhere on the panel is a sure sign it should be replaced. Also, many GTE-Sylvania or Sylvania panels are simply re-branded Zinsco panels or contain the problem Zinsco design. These should also be replaced.

However, not all Sylvania and GTE-Slyvania branded panels are dangerous. So if your in San Antonio and have one, our master electrician will need to inspect it to see if it has the problematic design.

Emergency Electrical Panel Installation and Replacement San Antonio

If you are without power and need an emergency replacement, please do not hesitate call (210) 745-0282 immediately.  it is important to hire an experienced, licensed San Antonio electrician to complete your residential or commercial panel installation for you.