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Ceiling Fan Installation San Antonio, Texas

Electrician Serving San Antonio & Surrounding Areas

San Antonio electrician provides ceiling fans, ceiling fan installation & ceiling fan repair.

Solarator Electric electricians know how to replace and repair ceiling fans, so when you have ceiling fan problems that need to be fixed, or a new installation you can call on us.

At Solarator Electric LLC, we’ve helped many San Antonio residents and business owners save energy and increase the comfort of their homes or business with a professional and friendly ceiling fan installation. Our licensed San Antonio electrician has over 38 years of experience and are always equipped to safely handle any ceiling fan installation project in San Antonio, Texas.

Our ceiling fan installation San Antonio electricians are always ready to help you out and your new ceiling fan will be ready to use in no time. Take the stress out of fan installation and let our professionals at Solarator Electric LLC do it for you. We’ll work with you to pinpoint suitable solutions for ceiling fan service or upgrades to your San Antonio home or business.

Ceiling Fan Installation & Replacement San Antonio

Installing a new ceiling fan or replacing an old one can be a very complicated process depending on the specifications of your San Antonio’s home’s electrical wiring. we offer ceiling fan installation and we deliver electrical service in a timely and professional manner. We can provide any additional bracing that is required to support the ceiling fan, and we’ll be able to solve any problems that arise with your electrical wiring during the installation or replacement process of your ceiling fan.

Why Install a Ceiling Fan in San Antonio ?

Many people think ceiling fans are only useful in the hot San Antonio summer months, but the truth is that these ceiling fans provide benefits all year round. Some of the best reasons to install a ceiling fan include:

  • Indoor comfort: Ceiling fans create a cool, refreshing breeze in warm weather. They can also be set in reverse to heat your home during winter months by pushing hot air downward.
  • Energy savings: Using a ceiling fan is a great way to set your thermostat up or down a few degrees without sacrificing comfort or air circulation. You’ll see the savings reflected in your monthly electrical bill.
  • Extra lighting: Illuminate a large room with the lights of a ceiling fan. If your existing fan doesn’t have lights, our skilled professionals can usually make any necessary upgrades.


Ceiling Fan FAQ

Q: What is the difference between a wet and a damp fan?
A damp fan can be in an area that is covered, such as a covered patio, porch or deck. A wet fan can handle more moisture and thus can be used in these areas even if they are not covered from the elements.

Q: Do your fans have remote controls?
Many of the fans we install come with remote controls for your convenience. If this is something you are interested in, then mention that during the first call and we will make it happen!
We can also help you integrate more than one fan into the same remote!

Q: Can it be installed on a sloped ceiling?
Our professionals know how to work with almost any type of ceiling so that you can get the comfort you want. We know how to properly install fans in sloped ceilings so that they produce the best result given the dimensions of the room.

Why Choose Solarator Electric LLC For Ceiling Fan Installation?

  • Licensed, professional electricians
  • Commitment to safety and efficiency
  • Extreme attention to detail to ensure all fixtures are installed for optimal operation
  • Friendly, reliable service that puts you in the driver’s seat.